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Using Discount Passleader IBM P2040-060 Sample Tests To Pass Exam Easily

Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: P2040-060
Exam Name: IBM Lotus Symphony Technical Sales Mastery Test v1

The purpose of Symphony Java API is ___________.

A.    to have a standardize way of utilizing functionality of Symphony from within your Symphony applications.
B.    to display Java Server Pages in Symphony.
C.    to allow Java application to run from within Symphony.
D.    to support JavaScript scripting language just like a web browser.

Answer: A

Jane is new to Lotus Symphony and she wants to know what the advantages of using Mail Merge are. Which one of the following is NOT an advantage of Mail Merge?

A.    You can send attachments as PDF, not just ODF.
B.    You can send out batches of letters that merge fields from a data source.
C.    You can use Java API to execute mail merge operation in the background.
D.    You can select a data source and merge its fields into a new document.

Answer: C

DataPilot table consists of which 4 areas?

A.    Page area, Title area, Data area and Detail area
B.    Row area, Column area, Data area and Page area
C.    Title area, Row area, Column area and Data area
D.    Top area, Bottom area, Left area and Right area

Answer: B

What is one of the advantages of Symphony being built on top of Expeditor?

A.    It allows you to create artificial intelligence applications.
B.    It allows you to write .NET applications and integrate them with documents.
C.    It allows you to synchronize every character of a document with a server.
D.    It allows you to embed business productivity tooling in line of business workflow and vice-versa.

Answer: D

Using Discount Passleader IBM P2040-060 Sample Tests To Pass Exam Easily