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PassLeader 400-101 Brain Dumps[26]

Which two options are the two main phases of PPPoE? (Choose two.)

A.    Active Discovery Phase
B.    IKE Phase
C.    Main Mode Phase
D.    PPP Session Phase
E.    Aggressive Mode Phase
F.    Negotiation Phase

Answer: AD

Which three statements about EVCs are true? (Choose three.)

A.    Spanning Tree must use MST mode on EVC ports.
B.    PAGP is supported on EVC ports.
C.    Spanning Tree must use RSTP mode on EVC ports.
D.    LACP is supported on EVC ports.
E.    Layer 2 multicast framing is supported.
F.    Bridge domain routing is required.

Answer: ABD

Refer to the exhibit. Why is the router out of memory?

A.    The router is experiencing a BGP memory leak software defect.
B.    The BGP peers have been up for too long.
C.    The amount of BGP update traffic in the network is too high.
D.    The router has insufficient memory due to the size of the BGP database.

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. Why is the OSPF state in 2WAY/DROTHER?

A.    This is the expected output when the interface Ethernet0/0 of R1 is configured with OSPF Priority 0.
B.    There is a duplicate router ID.
C.    There is an MTU mismatch.
D.    There is an OSPF timer (hello/dead) mismatch.
E.    This is the expected output when R1 is the DR.

Answer: A

In a nonbackbone OSPF area, all traffic that is destined to the Internet is routed by using a default route that is originated by the ABR. Which change in the configuration of the OSPF area type causes traffic from that area that is destined to the Internet to be dropped?

A.    The OSPF area changes from NSSA to totally stubby area.
B.    The OSPF area changes from NSSA to regular area.
C.    The OSPF area changes from stub area to totally stubby area.
D.    The OSPF area changes from stub area to NSSA.

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. When the link between RtrB and RtrC goes down, multicast receivers stop receiving traffic from the source for multicast group solution will resolve this?

A.    adding a static mroute on RtrB and RtrF
B.    adding a static unicast route on RtrB and RtrF
C.    creating a GRE tunnel between RtrB and RtrD
D.    enabling PIM sparse mode on both ends of the link between RtrB and RtrF

Answer: D

Which measure does ISIS use to avoid sending traffic with a wrong MTU configuration?

A.    ISIS does not protect from MTU mismatch.
B.    MTU value is communicated in ISIS Sequence Number PDUs (SNP), and ISIS adjacency is not established if an MTU mismatch is detected.
C.    ISIS uses path MTU discovery as specified in RFC 1063.
D.    ISIS uses padding of hello packets to full MTU.

Answer: D

Which regular expression will match prefixes from the AS 200 that is directly connected to our AS?

A.    ^$
B.    ^200)
C.    _200$
D.    _200_
E.    ^200_

Answer: E

Refer to the exhibit. Assuming that the peer is configured correctly and the interface is up, how many neighbors will be seen in the EIGRPv6 neighbor table on this IPv6-only router?
A.    one neighbor, which will use a local router-id of 6010. AB8. . /64
B.    one neighbor, which will use a local router-id of 6020. AB8. . /64
C.    none, because EIGRPv6 only supports authenticated peers
D.    none, because of the mismatch of timers
E.    none, because there is no EIGRP router ID configured

Answer: E

What does a nonzero forwarding address indicate in a type-5 LSA?

A.    It indicates that this link-state ID is eligible for ECMP.
B.    It indicates that this router should have an OSPF neighbor relationship with the forwarding address before using this link-state ID.
C.    It indicates that the receiving router must check that the next hop is reachable in its routing table before using this link-state ID.
D.    It indicates that traffic can be directly routed to this next hop in shared segment scenarios where the external route source is directly connected.

Answer: D

PassLeader 400-101 Brain Dumps[24]

Which type of EIGRP routes are summarized by the auto-summary command?

A.    internal routes that are learned from a peer that is outside the range of local network statements
B.    external routes that are learned from a peer that is inside the range of local network statements
C.    locally created routes that are outside the range of local network statements
D.    external routes that are learned from a peer that is outside the range of local network statements

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. How can the EIGRP hello and hold time for Gig0/0 be changed to 5 and 15?

A.    No action is required, since Gig0/0 is not listed with a nondefault hello and hold time.
B.    Add the commands ip hello-interval eigrp 1 5 and ip hold-time eigrp 1 15 under interface Gig0/0.
C.    Add the commands hello-interval 5 and hold-time 15 under “af-interface Gig0/0” under the address family.
D.    Add the commands default hello-interval and default hold-time under the af-interface Gig0/0 statement under the address family.

Answer: C

What is the range of addresses that is used for IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses?

A.    2001. db9. . /32
B.    2001. db8. . /32
C.    2002. . /16
D.    . . ffff. /16
E.    . . ffff. 0. 0/96

Answer: E

Which statement about the overload bit in IS-IS is true?

A.    The IS-IS adjacencies on the links for which the overload bit is set are brought down.
B.    Routers running SPF ignore LSPs with the overload bit set and hence avoid blackholing traffic.
C.    A router setting the overload bit becomes unreachable to all other routers in the IS-IS area.
D.    The overload bit in IS-IS is used only for external prefixes.

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is true?

A.    R2 is directly connected to the receiver for this group and is the winner of an assert mechanism.
B.    R2 is directly connected to the receiver for this group, and it forwards the traffic onto Ethernet3/0, but it is forwarding duplicate traffic onto Ethernet3/0.
C.    R2 has the A flag (Accept flag) set on Ethernet 3/0. This is fine, since the group is in BIDIR PIM mode.
D.    R2 is directly connected to the receiver for this group and is the loser of an assert mechanism.
E.    The A flag is set until the SPT threshold is reached for this multicast group.

Answer: A

Which three statements about IS-IS are true? (Choose three.)

A.    IS-IS is not encapsulated in IP.
B.    IS-IS is directly encapsulated in the data link layer.
C.    0XFEFE is used in the Layer 2 header to identify the Layer 3 protocol.
D.    IS-IS uses protocol ID 93.
E.    IS-IS can be used to route the IPX protocol.
F.    IS-IS is an IETF standard.

Answer: ABC

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is true?

A.    The command ip multicast rpf multitopology is missing from the configuration.
B.    Multitopology routing for multicast has been enabled for IS-IS.
C.    This output is invalid.
D.    The command mpls traffic-eng multicast-intact is configured on this router.

Answer: B

As a best practice, when a router is configured as an EIGRP Stub, which routes should be received from its distribution neighbor?

A.    the default route
B.    static routes
C.    internal routes only
D.    internal and external routes

Answer: A

Which BGP feature allows BGP routing tables to be refreshed without impacting established BGP sessions?

A.    BGP synchronization
B.    soft reconfiguration
C.    confederations
D.    hard reset

Answer: B

Which two options describe two functions of a neighbor solicitation message? (Choose two.)

A.    It requests the link-layer address of the target.
B.    It provides its own link-layer address to the target.
C.    It requests the site-local address of the target.
D.    It provides its own site-local address to the target.
E.    It requests the admin-local address of the target.
F.    It provides its own admin-local address to the target.

Answer: AB

PassLeader 400-101 Brain Dumps[25]