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Which choice outlines the process to install HP CloudSystem Enterprise?

A.    From the HP CSA Management Console main menu, choose the Enterprise link.
B.    Import the appropriate Enterprise OVF, and start the virtual machine.
C.    From the HP CloudSystem Portal main menu, choose the Enterprise link.
D.    From the HP CloudSystem Console main menu, choose the Enterprise link.

A customer wants to use an HP Converged Infrastructure solution to deploy their new big data environment in a way that leverages HP Reference Architectures and best practices as part of the packaged solution. Which HP integrated system best meets this requirement?

A.    HP CloudSystem Service Provider
B.    HP CloudSystem Foundation
C.    HP ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA
D.    HP ConvergedSystem 100 for Vertica

Answer: C

Which components are included in an HP Converged System 700 expansion kit? (Select two)

A.    HDDS
B.    Server blades
C.    Virtual Connect modules
D.    Tiber optic cables
E.    Direct-attach copper cables

Answer: CE

Which features are available in HP CloudSystem Enterprise but not in HP CloudSystern Foundation? (Select three.)

A.    HP Helion Public Cloud as a resource provider
B.    HP OneView
C.    Topology Designer
D.    Sequential Designer
E.    CloudSystem Portal

Answer: BDE

How did Forrester and Ovum rate the HP private cloud solutions in 2013?

A.    Both Forrester and Ovum rated HP at the second tier.
B.    Forrester rated HP as a leader, and Ovum rated HP as a challenger (second tier).
C.    Forrester rated HP as a strong performer (second tier), and Ovum rated HP as a leader.
D.    Both Forrester and Ovum rated HP as a leader (first tier).

Answer: D

What is one of the software components included with CloudSystem Enterprise?

A.    HP Public Cloud Backup as a Service
B.    HP Helion Development Platform
C.    HP Cloud Service Automation (CSA)
D.    HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC)

Answer: B

What support does HP CloudSystem Enterprise provide for public cloud offerings?

A.    It supports only HP Helion Public Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings.
B.    It supports a variety of public cloud offerings, including HP Helion Public Cloud and third-party clouds.
C.    It does not support any public cloud offerings.
D.    It supports only HP Helion Public Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings.

Answer: A

How does HP HelionOpenStack provide customers with a business-ready version of OpenStack?

A.    It provides HP support and indemnification against copyright disputes
B.    It provides a full platform of developer tools, such as MySQL, and supports a variety of scripting languages.
C.    It provides management of server, storage, and network hardware in an HP ConvergedSystem 700x
D.    It provides drag and drop design for services and a catalog to which IT can publish the services

Answer: B

Your customer wants to focus on developing applications as quickly as possible. It therefore needs cloud services that provide virtual machines (VMs) with developer services, such as middleware and databases. Some applications might need to be deployed on the customer premises and others in a public cloud. Which service and deployment model combination should you recommend?

A.    SaaS in a managed cloud
B.    PaaS in a managed cloud
C.    PaaS in a hybrid cloud
D.    laaS in a hybrid cloud

Answer: C

What is an accurate description of cloud computing?

A.    It allows customized software to run simultaneously on multiple servers, creating faster, more reliable services.
B.    It enables users to seamlessly access a single physical server, in a secure environment.
C.    It is a model that allows IT to consolidate and manage its data and infrastructure on a single, scalable platform.
D.    It enables scalable, elastic IT capabilities to be delivered as on-demand, pay-per-use services over a secure network.

Answer: C

A mid-sized business is getting pressure from executives to implement cloud services and shift the company’s budget toward operating expenditure (OPEX). Which statement correctly describes whether this customer is qualified for an HP Helion solution?

A.    This customer is not qualified because HP Helion only provides solutions for very large-sized companies.
B.    This customer is qualified only if they already have an HP Public Cloud Service.
C.    This customer is not qualified because HP Helion requires that customers already have at least basic cloud service offerings.
D.    This customer is qualified because HP Helion shifts IT focus from building infrastructure to providing line of business services.

Answer: B