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Before launching a Data Protector Cell Manager installation on Windows, which requirements should you ensure are met? (Select two)

A.    The port 5555 needs to be available.
B.    The user DPAdmin must exist and own Administration privileges.
C.    The Volume Shadow Copy Service must be started.
D.    The fixed IP address must be configured.
E.    The directory C:\HewiettPackard must exist.

When creating media pools, which media management parameter can be set?

A.    Backup sessions stored on a tape
B.    Overwrites of objects
C.    Overwrites of a tape
D.    Formatting a tape

Answer: A

Which logging level has the most influence on backup performance, making the backup process slower?

A.    Log Files
B.    Log All
C.    No Log
D.    Log Directories

Answer: B

Which Media Pool properly triggers a format of uninitialized media during a backup session?

A.    Use new media first.
B.    Force format of media.
C.    Allocate unformatted media first.
D.    Do not use Free Pool.

Answer: D

The file server datal was backed up within a full backup on January 5 and within incremental backups on January 6. 7. and 8. If you selected version Jan 8 in Restore GUI, which backup versions were read and restored?

A.    version January 5 and 8 only
B.    version January 8 only
C.    version January 6, 7, and 3 only
D.    version January 5, 6. 7, and 8

Answer: C

When performing a backup, where does the disk agent send the data that is being backed up?

A.    to the Media Management Database server
B.    to the system that runs the Data Protector GUI
C.    directly to the Cell Manager
D.    directly to the assigned Media Agent

Answer: B

What is the default size limit per directory for the DCBF directories?

A.    50 GB
B.    100 GB
C.    200 GB
D.    150 GB

Answer: C