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Which three statements are true about the Pre-Upgrade Information Tool?

A.    It clears all user recycle bins in a database and releases their storage space.
B.    It writes a list of invalid SYS and SYSTEM objects to the registry$sys_inv_objs table.
C.    It evaluates the dependencies of network utility packages.
D.    It identifies any deprecated and unsupported parameters.
E.    It generates fix-up scripts and automatically runs them to resolve issues that are flagged in the source database.

Answer: BCD

Which activity is audited by default and recorded in the operating system audit trail irrespective of whether or not database auditing is enabled?

A.    configuration of unified auditing mode
B.    execution of SQL statements by users connected with the SYSDBA privilege
C.    usage of the AUDIT statement
D.    creation of a fine grained audit policy

Answer: B

Which two tasks must you perform before you begin the upgrade process to Oracle Database 12c?

A.    Put all readonly tablespaces in read write mode
B.    Recompile all invalid objects
C.    Set the compatible parameter to 12  1  0  1
D.    Gather dictionary statistics
E.    Empty all user recycle bins

Answer: CD

Which two tools can be used to configure static service information in the listener.ora file?

A.    Oracle Net Manager
B.    Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control
C.    Oracle Net Configuration Assistant
D.    Listener Control Utility (LSNRCTL)
E.    Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express

Answer: AC

In your database, the STATISTICS_LEVEL parameter is set to TYPICAL and a Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) snapshot is taken every 30 minutes. Which two statements are true about the Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM)?

A.    It runs after each AWR snapshot is created and it requires at least two snapshots for analysis.
B.    It measures database performance by analyzing the wait time and CPU time of all non-idle user sessions.
C.    It calls other advisors if required, but does not provide recommendations about the advisors to be used.
D.    It always compares the latest snapshot with the baseline snapshot for analysis.
E.    It requires at least four AWR snapshots for analysis.

Answer: AB

Which three file types are stored in the Fast Recovery Area by default in a traditional nonOMF file system?

A.    online redo log files
B.    parameter file
C.    multiplexed copies of the current control file
D.    archived log files
E.    Flashback Data Archive files
F.    Flashback logs

Answer: ACD

You want to create a database with a block size other than the default 8 KB by using the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA). Which option should you use?

A.    A custom database template
B.    A Data Warehouse database template
C.    Automatic Storage Management (ASM) for storage of data files
D.    A file system for storage of data files

Answer: A

Which two statements are true about the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA)?

A.    It can be used to add an new tablespace
B.    It can be used to copy an existing Oracle database to a new host and apply any patches necessary in the new host
C.    It can configure Automatic Storage Management (ASM) diskgroups
D.    It can be used to create a database template from an existing database
E.    It can generate SQL database creation scripts

Answer: CD

Identify two prerequisites for configuring Enterprise Manger Database Express (EM Express).

A.    Grant the APEX_PUBLIC_USER role to the SYSMAN user
B.    Install Oracle HTTP Server
C.    Use the DBMS_XDB_CONFIG.SETHTTPPORT procedure to configure a port number for Oracle HTTP Server
D.    Configure at least one dispatcher for the TCP/IP protocol
E.    Create a SYSMAN user with the SYSDBA privilege as an administration for EM Express

Answer: CE

Which three tools or tasks are run by default as part of automated maintenance tasks?

A.    SQL Access Advisor
B.    Optimizer statistics gathering
C.    Segment Advisor
D.    Automatic SQL Tuning Advisor
E.    Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor

Answer: BCD

Which three statements are true about automated maintenance tasks?

A.    Predefined maintenance tasks consist of automatic optimizer statistics collection, running Automatic Segment Advisor, and running Automatic SQL Tuning Advisor
B.    A repository is maintained in the SYSTEM tablespace to store the history of execution of all tasks
C.    They run at predefined time intervals that are intended to occur during a period of low system loads
D.    An Oracle Scheduler job is created for each maintenance tasks that is scheduled to run in a maintenance window
E.    A maintenance window is automatically extended until all the maintenance tasks defined are completed

Answer: ACD


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