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HP2-N43 Exam Dumps

Exam Name: HP Performance Center v.11.x Software

What is a general run time setting for all protocols?

A. Proxy
B. Speed simulation
C. Pacing
D. Browser settings

Answer: D

To create a monitor profile, which steps are necessary? (Select three)

A. Install or configure monitoring components on the server machine
B. Configure Proxy Settings.
C. Configure SiteScope.
D. Add Monitors to the profile.
E. Configure DNS
F. Create Test Resources from the Test Resources module.

Answer: ADF Explanation: 99)

How is secure communication accomplished between the ALM platform and the Performance
Center components?

A. Via encryption, based on a predetermined passphrase
B. Via a dedicated Virtual Private Network
C. Via encryption, based on the user’s own password
D. Via a 24-digit password

Answer: A

Aside from the required pre-installation software, which type of software does a Performance
Center machine need?

A. Internet Information Services (IIS)
B. Strawberry Perl 5.10.1
C. VuGen Standalone software
D. VuGen and Analysis Standalone software

Answer: A Explanation: 223)

A. Site Administration
B. Host Security Manager
C. Lab Management
D. Host Security Setup utility

Answer: D
Explanation: 110, third para)

Which step is part of the load test launch process?

A. Collate temporary results from Load Generators.
B. Reserve Timeslots
C. Analyze the Application Under Test.
D. Identify top time transactions.

Answer: B