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Case Study 1 – Contoso, Ltd. (QUESTION 11 – QUESTION 14)
Contoso, Ltd. is a manufacturing company that serves the oil and gas industry. The company produces materials and chemicals that are used in the production of gasoline. Contoso has recently acquired several smaller companies including A.Datum, Litware, Inc., and Northwind Traders. Contoso has now grown from a local company to a company that has offices in multiple geographies. The company has the following offices:

Corporate structure
Contoso is divided into business units based on their function primarily, and then by geographic region. The corporate language is English. Contoso has a major datacenter that is located near their Dallas facilities. A. Datum Corporation has a contract with a third-party datacenter in London, England. Contoso intends to move their environment fully to the cloud in the future, and will use SQL Databases in the cloud for business continuity. Contoso has, up until recently, handled all collaboration between employees using a single file share, email, USB flash drives, and local storage. With a growing need for global cooperation and collaboration, Contoso has elected to implement a SharePoint environment. You must minimize the cost for the solution.

SharePoint environment
– Each business functional group requires a unique site collection. You must create child site collections for each geographical region that is part of the business functional group.
– The SharePoint taxonomy must follow the corporate structure.
– All existing corporate content must be migrated to the new SharePoint 2016 environment.
– The SharePoint environment must be accessible to all employees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.
– You must retain all records for compliance reasons.
– You must share sales data by using Microsoft Excel. The sales data must be available online.
– The Beijing office must be able to share information to external partners.
Employee requirements:
– Employees must only use SharePoint Designer to edit SharePoint pages.
– Employees must be able to edit Excel workbooks in a browser.
– Employees must have access to PowerPivot.
Editing of SharePoint pages
Contoso has decided that they will allow employees to edit SharePoint 2016 pages only by using SharePoint Designer. Employees must edit pages in a development environment that is located in Dallas. Changes must be applied to the production environment by using a backup/restore operation on the individual site collection. The development environment is an exact replica of the production environment.
Technical requirements
SharePoint requirements
You identify the following requirements for the SharePoint environment:
Backup and disaster recovery
– The environment must be backed up at all times. You must not permit the loss of more than one hour of data.
– In the event of a disaster, the SharePoint environment must remain accessible to all employees. All disaster response and recovery plans and protocols will be available from the corporate SharePoint instance. The maximum acceptable downtime for the environment is four hours.
– In the case of failure, you must be able to restore the environment to any point within three weeks before the failure.
SharePoint farm
– You must ensure that specific offices can share content with external partners.
– You must log activities related to Power Pivot in the SharePoint usage logs.
– You must implement Search services from the on-premises farm.
Deployment guidelines
You have the following guidelines and protocols for implementing the SharePoint environment:
– You must install and configure all servers in an identical way.
– You must provision all site collections by using the SP Site. Copy method at the content database level. You must use reproducible and traceable methods to provisions sites.
– You must track information about SharePoint installations in Active Directory Domain Services.
– You must specify different service accounts for each service application.
– Users in the Dallas test environment must be able to create content databases on demand.
Planned environments
You plan to implement the following environments:

Groups and accounts
You must create the following groups:

You must create the following service accounts:

Monitoring and management
You must implement monitoring for the following aspects of the SharePoint solution:
You must be notified if administrator accounts are used to run application pools or if the server farm account is used for other services.
You must monitor database index fragmentation and whether the paging file size is sufficient.
You must monitor free space on drives and receive an alert if a drive is running out of space. You must also be notified if one or more servers are not responding.
SharePoint page performance
You must monitor the manufacturing, trading, and finance instances in Beijing for the any performance issues. You must also log attempts to connect to the instances from locations outside of the corporate network. Connectivity between Office 365 and the on-premises SharePoint 2016 environment. You must monitor connectivity between the two environments. Contoso is concerned that unauthorized users may gain access to sensitive information. You must log any attempts to access sensitive information. The company is especially interested in the logging the following actions:
– attempts to open documents that contain personal information
– editing sensitive documents
– printing sensitive documents

You need to monitor the resources for the Beijing office. Which three components should you implement? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    search
B.    proxy settings
C.    Distributed Cache
D.    SAML authentication
E.    claims authentication

Answer: BDE

Drag and Drop Questions
You need to ensure that users can share sales data. For each authentication method, which option should you use? To answer, drag the appropriate option to the correct authentication method. Each option may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content. Note: Each correct selection is worth one point.


Hotspot Questions
You need to create the managed paths for all site collections. For each site collection, which inclusion type should you use? To answer, select the appropriate inclusion type from each list in the answer area.


You need to select the backup solution for Contoso. Which solution should you use?

A.    premium tier Azure backup
B.    Basic tier Azure backup
C.    an on-premises backup solution
D.    Standard tier Azure backup

Answer: C

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