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Company A has just implemented a SaaS-based cloud storage solution. The SaaS solution provides services for both commercial and personal use. The IT department has been tasked to migrate all the on- premises file shares to the SaaS solution with the username being the corporate email address. The IT department is currently using am IAM solution to provision the accounts in the SaaS solution. Upon execution of the account creation process, the IT department is receiving multiple “unable to create account” alerts. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?

A.    The automation task is misconfigured.
B.    There is a false positive due to lack of testing.
C.    There are compatibility issues between SaaS and IAM.
D.    The user accounts already exist.

Answer: A

A company has moved all on-premises workloads into a public cloud. After some time, the cloud engineer starts noticing time drifts on the VMs and suspects an NTP issue. Time drifts were not an issue when all the workloads were on-premises. Which of the following describes how the cloud engineer should resolve the issue?

A.    Implement Coordinated Universal Time on all workloads.
B.    Point all workloads back to an on-premises NTP server.
C.    Point all workloads to a stratum 2 within the public cloud provider.
D.    Configure all of the VMs as NTP servers within the public cloud provider.

Answer: A

A consultant is helping a gaming-as-a-service company set up a new cloud. The company recently bought several graphic card that need to be added to the servers. Which of the following should the consultant suggest as the MOST cost effective?

A.    Private
B.    Public
C.    Community
D.    SaaS

Answer: A

A company wants to implement a public IaaS solution but also wants to address site resiliency challenges. When selecting an IaaS provider, which of the following should a cloud technician look for within the provider’s capabilities to meet the requirements?

A.    Bare metal service
B.    Failure zones
C.    Backup services
D.    Dedicated connectivity

Answer: D

A security administrator wants to automate the implementation of network-based ACLs for services deployed within the company VPC. The security administrator is mostly concerned with intra-VPN separation to prevent unauthorized communication between cloud deployed services within the VPC. Which of the following should the security administrator implement?

A.    Include a list of the firewall rules in the orchestration script.
B.    Use the cloud API to deploy and configure anti-malware services.
C.    Configure the appropriate IDS rules using the cloud portal.
D.    Write custom scripts to deploy a network ACL between the VPC and the company’s network.

Answer: C

A CASB provides the application proxy and web application firewall to a large retailer. All access to the retailer cloud application must originate from the CASB-designated IP addresses. The CASB has known geolocations with known IP addresses. Suddenly, all customers are not able to access the retailer cloud applications. Which of the following is MOST likely the reason for the issue?

A.    Additional CASB IP addresses were added to the authorized pool.
B.    All of the CASB’s European datacenters are down.
C.    There was federation and SSO misconfiguration.
D.    The CASB’s SSL/TLS certificate expired.

Answer: D

A tenant has provisioned a new database server. It needs to add the database files in the exclusion list for security scanning, as it allows down the performance and locks the database file. Which of the following solutions must have this exclusion?

A.    IPS
B.    IDS
C.    Antivirus
D.    Firewall

Answer: C

Ann, a technician, is using a saved workflow to deploy virtual servers. The script worked yesterday but is now returning an authentication error. Ann confirms that she can manually log in with her own account and create a virtual server. Which of the following is MOST likely causing the error?

A.    Certificate misconfiguration
B.    Account expiration
C.    Federation issues
D.    Encryption issues

Answer: C

An upgrade to a web application, which supports 400 users at four sites, is being tested. The application runs on four servers behind a load balancer. The following test plan is proposed:
– Have 50 users from site A connect to server 1
– Have 50 users from site B connect to server 2
– Have 50 users from site C connect to server 3
– Have 50 users from site D connect to server 4
Which of the following parameters is being properly tested by this plan?

A.    Sizing
B.    Connectivity
C.    High availability
D.    Performance

Answer: B

A cloud administrator is managing two private cloud environments. In cloud A, the disaster recovery solution has an SLA for RPO of five minutes and RTO of one hour. In cloud B, the disaster recovery solution has an SLA for RPO of one hour and RTO of 24 hours. A new customer’s application requires that, in case of a disaster, no more than 15 minutes of data can be lost, and it should be fully recovered within one day. Which of the following would be the BEST approach to this application?

A.    Tell the customer cloud A is the best solution.
B.    Put it in cloud B and ask the customer to create snapshots every 15 minutes.
C.    Both cloud A and cloud B would suit the customer’s needs.
D.    Change the cloud B disaster recovery solution so RPO will be 15 minutes.

Answer: A


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